multi-generation family

What is Generational Wealth?

How Investment Properties Can Provide for Your Family’s Financial Future Generational wealth is a key term that investors, companies, and analysts use very regularly –

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What is Passive Investing?

Experience High Returns on Investment in the Kansas City Real Estate Market Passive investing is a term that is commonly used in the investment world

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The Power of Compounding

For a quick glimpse into the power of compounding, consider what history’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett, wrote in his famous philanthropic pledge: “My wealth

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How the Worcester Fund Works

Perhaps you’re considering investing in private equity real estate, and you’ve found the Worcester Fund. You’ve heard this investment vehicle has delivered greater-than-8% annualized returns

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What Is Private Lending?

For a real estate investor who needs quick access to capital or whose project does not fit into the narrow parameters of conventional lending institutions,

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The Case For Multifamily

Why Invest in Multifamily Properties Often when investors begin researching real estate as an asset class to invest in, they quickly find themselves overwhelmed with

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Why Kansas City?

Home to over 2 million people, Kansas City is the 28th largest metro in the country, a bi-state region composed of fifteen counties. Kansas City’s

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Why Multifamily

KEY BENEFITS OF MULTI-FAMILY INVESTING   Positive Cash Flow Multi-family properties produce consistent positive monthly cash flows after paying expenses resulting in steady passive income.

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