Why Worcester Investments for Kansas City Multifamily Real Estate

The fact that you’ve found this post suggests you are already convinced of the merits of investing in multifamily property (its unique tax advantages, opportunities for positive cash flow, etc.) and that you are interested in the Kansas City market in particular. If you would like a quick refresher on these topics, please see our recent posts on the benefits of multifamily investing and why Kansas City represents such a strong opportunity for real estate investors.

The next logical question is: What is the best approach to investing in this market? Let us show you why Worcester Investments should be your partner in Kansas City multifamily real estate investing.

Why Worcester Investments Is the Trusted Name in Kansas City Real Estate

There are many reasons that Worcester Investments, which is devoted entirely to multifamily investing in the greater Kansas City area, has become one of the most trusted names in real estate in the region. But let us begin with the bottom line, which will help explain a lot of the specific achievements we list below:

Over the past decade, Worcester’s Kansas City multifamily real estate investments have generated aggregate returns of more than 30% for our investors.

Now let us highlight a few specific details behind Worcester’s success, to give you a better sense of why you should partner with us for your Kansas City real estate investing.


Unmatched expertise

Over the last 11 years, the consistently growing Worcester Investments team (now more than 140 strong) has been building a unique combination of local Kansas City real estate knowledge, expertise in multifamily properties, and a vertically integrated platform to develop and manage real estate assets.

We have leveraged this unique position to become one of the area’s most successful commercial real estate firms – with more than $250 million in multifamily property, 3,200 apartment units across the greater Kansas City area, and more than $50 million in private equity raised to date.


Unique model

Unlike many private equity real estate firms, Worcester Investments is vertically integrated and focused on all aspects of multifamily investing, with several subsidiary business units working together to cover all major areas of real estate development and management. In other words, our proven business model involves much more than simply purchasing Kansas City properties.

Our Acquisitions Team applies its deep knowledge and expertise to identify underperforming properties with strong revenue and equity-appreciation potential. Our Property Management Team handles the day-to-day operational responsibilities for managing our real estate assets, and our Construction & Development Team rehabs and upgrades our existing properties and in some cases develops new assets from the ground up. We also have an integrated Private Lending Team and a team that applies its thorough understanding of the local market to managing our Worcester Fund for Kansas City multifamily real estate.


Consistent, organic growth

As a result of our unique, vertically integrated business model and leveraging our unmatched expertise in the local Kansas City market, Worcester Investments has been able to achieve consistent, organic growth as a company year after year since our inception in 2006.

This is why the Kansas City Business Journal recently named Worcester the sixth-fastest growing company in the region, and why Worcester has been listed for several consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.


Learn About the Worcester Fund for Kansas City Real Estate

The simplest way to begin investing with Worcester Investments in Kansas City multifamily real estate is to join the Worcester Fund – an open-ended investment vehicle that is managed by Worcester and has generated an annualized return to investors of more than 8% since its inception.

Learn more about the Worcester Fund.


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