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Just out of college, brothers Joel, Jesse, and Paul (bought out in 2020) Worcester founded Worcester Investments in 2006.


Despite having just entered the workforce in late 2006 with nothing to their names except student debt, the Worcester brothers started the company with the goal of owning and operating thousands of passive-income-generating multifamily units. Their parents, a small-church pastor and third-grade school teacher, took out a second mortgage on their home to provide the brothers’ initial working capital.

The brothers began looking for single-family rental homes and small multifamily value-add properties in Oregon, where they grew up and lived at the time. They found it difficult to buy cash-flowing real estate on the West Coast, so in 2007, after an introduction to the midwest real estate market from a business contact, they began purchasing property (via creative financing and friends / family equity) in Saint Joseph, MO, near Kansas City. Seeing cash on cash returns that seemed unfathomable on the West Coast, the brothers began to focus solely on the Saint Joseph and Kansas City markets, and within a couple years all three brothers had moved their families and set up shop in Missouri. 

By mid-2009 the brothers, with their friends-and-family partners, had accumulated about 75 multi-family units, ranging from single-family homes to a 14-plex. But in June of 2009, they purchased their first apartment complex – a bank-owned, 60-unit converted school in Saint Joseph. This became a watershed moment for the brothers and Worcester Investments. They determined at that point that the company had the volume to justify starting their own property management company and could in turn increase efficiency and set the stage for more aggressive growth. They purchased their second apartment complex (96 units) in December 2009. Since then the brothers’ primary objectives have been to grow its multifamily portfolio and perfect the model of acquiring and operating multifamily real estate with the ultimate goal of maximizing investor returns.


Today, Worcester Investments owns (with its investors) and manages over $500MM in real estate assets. Worcester Investments employs more than 100 team members and was named Kansas City’s sixth fastest growing company by the Kansas City Business Journal in 2015 and the 3,763th fastest growing private company in the U.S. in the 2019 INC. 5,000 publication. Worcester Investments has purchased or developed over 50 multifamily complexes and 5,000 units and currently owns and manages over 3,000 apartment units in Kansas City and the Midwest.


Worcester Investments’ primary acquisition strategy is to purchase and improve underperforming apartment communities in quality Kansas City and Midwest submarkets. Worcester Investments is a vertically integrated multifamily investment company with business units in asset management, acquisitions, investor relations, and private lending. Each of the business units works closely together to maximize efficiency and investor returns.


In 2017, Worcester Investments provided the seed capital and co-founded Hawaiian Bros, a fast-casual restaurant concept, with brothers Cameron and Tyler McNie. Today, Hawaiian Bros generates over $100MM in revenue, is in ten+ states, and continues to expand throughout the US. Worcester Investments remains active in partnership with Hawaiian Bros and Joel Worcester continues to serve on Hawaiian Bros’ board of directors.

Inspired by Hawaiian Bros’s success and aligning with Joel and Jesse’s entrepreneurial passion and vision, the company intends to launch WI Ventures, a venture capital business unit, by the end of 2023 or early 2024. The company’s founders and leaders are currently formulating WI Ventures’ business plan and mission.


Between its real estate, private lending, and Hawaiian Bros offerings, Worcester Investments has partnered with 250+ accredited investors who have in aggregate invested over $200 million with Worcester. Since the brothers took the initial investment from their parents to help start the company, investor returns and investor satisfaction have been the brothers’ and the company’s top priorities. Please request the current WI Apartment Portfolio to see the returns that Worcester’s investments have generated to date.


Worcester Investments subsidiaries are owned and managed by Worcester Investments. Each of the business units works closely together to maintain the success of the company’s growth and day-to-day operations.


Worcester Investments currently employs 100+ people, owning and operating over 4,000 apartment units with over $500 million assets under management in the Midwest area.

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A Commitment to Excellence

Our track record demonstrates a commitment to excellence, integrity, and continual improvement. That track record is exemplified in the relationship we have with our investors, a cornerstone to Worcester’s success. To best serve our investors and uphold our company’s core values we specifically focus on very select asset classes and target markets.

Employing in-house acquisition, property management, development, and marketing teams, we are an industry expert in the growing $80 Billion multifamily industry. By exclusively focusing in the Midwest apartment market, we leverage our connections, relationships and resources to grow and protect our investors’ wealth.

We offer the opportunity for investors to invest in real estate with us through our fund.



Jerry Ingle
Nodaway Valley Bank
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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the business with Nodaway Valley Bank. The loans we have with you have been maintained in an excellent manner. It is a big asset having Worcester Investments manage these investments for you and gives the bank the comfort level we need. I look forward to a long standing relationship.
Robert Smejkal
Oregon State Bar
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I've worked closely with Worcester Investments through every aspect of acquisition. I have found WI and its members to be knowledgeable investors who are well equipped to handle all aspects of a real estate transaction. A purchaser of investment property is presented with a number of challenges during the course of a transaction. WI has met every challenge. Worcester Investments and its members are timely, efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
George Gebhardt
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Gebhardt Family Trust financed a property with Worcester Investments in 2007. Since that time Worcester Investments has made all payments timely. I would recommend doing business with them.
Gerald Hoots
Hoots, Baker & Wiley PC
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I have been the Worcesters' accountant for several years. I have found them to be professional, competent and ethical in their business ventures. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.
Aaron Mesmer
Block LLC
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Worcester Investments were easy to work with and honest throughout the purchase process. We were able to close the transaction successfully. I look forward to working with them in the future.


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