Worcester Fund


The Worcester Fund is an open-ended investment vehicle that provides accredited investors a diversified equity stake in Kansas City area multi-family properties and commercial real estate loans. Schedule a call today with our investor relations team to learn more about our 0% management fee, specifically designed to provide true alignment with our investors. 

Our Investor Relations Team has one simple goal: to add value to you in any way possible. Whether it’s helping you learn more about the Worcester Fund, answering general questions about real estate investing or anything in between, our team is here to help. 

0% Management Fee

By removing the middlemen and their unnecessary fees, we're able to offer an unprecedented structure where our interests are truly aligned with our investors.

8% Preferred Return

The first 8% of fund performance goes straight to our investors. Worcester only participates once an 8% return for investors has been achieved.

Monthly Distributions

To help provide stability and reliability, the Worcester Fund provides a monthly distribution set at 5% with a quarterly catch-up payment.

9-12% Targeted Return

With a diversified portfolio of multi-family real estate and private commercial loans, the Worcester Fund targets an annual investor return of between 9-12%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minimum investment of $50,000
  • Investors must be accredited (net worth of $1M+, excluding personal residence, or high-income qualification)
  • The primary investment types are multifamily real estate and private commercial loans
  • Investors may invest as equity or lend to the fund
  • Fund equity investors will receive an 8% preferred return, paid quarterly; any returns above 8% will be split between the members and the Fund Manager; the split is based upon the level of investment; There are three classes of Units available for Members: Class A Units, Class B Units and Class C Units. The Class of Units a Member owns is based on the size of the Member’s investment and is tiered by dollar amount as follows: Members with a Capital Account up to $250,000 will own Class C Units, Members with a Capital Account between $250,000 and $1,000,000 will own Class B Units, and Members with a Capital Account of $1,000,000 or greater will own Class A Units. The Units are identical, with the exception of the ratios at which Excess Distributable Cash (or “EDC”) is distributed as between the Manager and the Members.
  • The target investor return is 9 – 12%, although the fund’s principals have a track record of achieving significantly higher returns
  • There is a lockup period of 48 months from the initial equity investment; afterward, the investment may be redeemed with twelve months’ notice