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The Worcester Fund is an open-ended (ongoing fund; does not have a set time horizon) investment vehicle that seeks to provide a return to its investors by allocating capital into the following real estate opportunities:

  • New Worcester-sponsored real estate acquisitions and developments (Fund will have first right of refusal on all Worcester-led projects before they are offered to outside investors)
  • Projects led by sophisticated and experienced developers/owners/operators; the Fund will invest as either a joint venture partner, preferred equity, or mezzanine financing
  • Private loans originated and/or sourced by Worcester Financial


  • The primary investment type is multifamily
  • Investors may invest as equity or lend to the fund
  • Fund equity investors will receive an 8% preferred return, paid quarterly; any returns above 8% will be split between the members and the Fund Manager; the split is based upon the level of investment; There are three classes of Units available for Members: Class A Units, Class B Units and Class C Units. The Class of Units a Member owns is based on the size of the Member’s investment and is tiered by dollar amount as follows: Members with a Capital Account up to $250,000 will own Class C Units, Members with a Capital Account between $250,000 and $1,000,000 will own Class B Units, and Members with a Capital Account of $1,000,000 or greater will own Class A Units. The Units are identical, with the exception of the ratios at which Excess Distributable Cash (or “EDC”) is distributed as between the Manager and the Members.
  • The target investor return is 9 – 12%, although the fund’s principals have a track record of achieving significantly higher returns
  • There is a lockup period of 48 months from the initial equity investment; afterward, the investment may be redeemed with twelve months’ notice
  • Investors who lend to the fund will receive approximately 5 – 6% interest (Please inquire for the current interest rate and terms), paid quarterly, with the principal paid at maturity
  • Investors must be accredited (net worth of $1M+, excluding personal residence, or high-income qualification)
  • Minimum investment of $50,000