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Post-COVID Outlook for Multifamily Investment

Now Is the Time to Invest in Kansas City Real Estate

As you may know, there has been a significant amount of economic turmoil as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors are trying to understand which markets are in trouble, and which will succeed.

The good news is that if you’re an accredited investor, our fund could be the investment for you. If you’re looking for financing for your own investment property, the opportunities are also boundless.

Worcester Investments is here to guide you in the post-COVID real estate market. We want to share how our investment properties have performed. We’re pleased to share our historically high returns on investment, and how we achieved these for investors. We also want to understand how we can assist you in meeting your financial goals.

In this article, we’ll make some key observations about the Kansas City real estate market today. We’ll also review our real estate offerings – our fund and our financing. Lastly, we explain how to get in touch with our Investor Success Team today.

Multifamily Investment in Kansas City Real Estate Today

Our most important observation to share with you today is about inflation. Inflation, according to most economists and investors, is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The increased price for goods and services can clearly be traced back to the financial challenges that COVID-19 posed.

In response, the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates. This has made it more difficult for prospective homeowners to buy a home. However, there is an upside for investors in Kansas City real estate. This means that more of Kansas City’s residents are opting to rent.

This is where multifamily investment comes in. When you schedule a call with our Investor Success Team, you’ll learn that we are committed to repositioning multifamily real estate. This means we take apartment complexes that have a lower valuation and reposition them to increase their value. These properties become more attractive for residents, and bring in occupancy fees.

With Worcester Investments at the helm, we are able to operate and manage these investment properties to maximize occupancy fees. Additionally, we find opportunities to sell these investments when necessary.

For the accredited investor, this is good news. When a multifamily investment company shares its historically high returns on investment from these practices, you can benefit.

Now that the market conditions are ripe for a higher influx of renters, there are more opportunities for real estate investment. Keep in mind, however, that there will be competition among investment firms. We don’t mean to be pugnacious, but we are determined to make sure we stand out in a crowded field.

Keep in mind that you should vet and research the investment firm you work with. Learn about their investment properties. Learn their investment philosophy for the Kansas City real estate market. Find out if they offer high returns on investment.

Not an Accredited Investor? Worcester’s Multifamily Investment Company Also Offers Financing

The Kansas City real estate market is also very active and competitive for fix and flip, as well as buy and hold investors. You do not need to be an accredited investor to invest in properties this way. While the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has requirements for investing in our fund, this is not so for financing.

We have financing for those interested in fix and flip, as well as buy and hold properties. There is no minimum loan amount. When you schedule a call with our Investor Success Team, we can discuss the terms of the loan. Our investors find these terms to be very beneficial to them. This is because Worcester Investments wants the Kansas City real estate market to thrive. More importantly, we want to see you, in particular, reach your financial goals. We are committed to our city and our community of investors.

Many have asked us about the post-COVID outlook for these types of investments. Right now, home prices have dropped because we are not in a seller’s market. The hike in interest rates at the Federal Reserve have scared many new homeowners away. However, if you are thinking of spending the time and energy to transform an investment property, now may be the time. Kansas City real estate in particular is ripe for this.

Specific Outlook for Fix and Flip Properties as a Multifamily Investment Strategy

Potentially you could receive financing and work on a house to flip in the coming months. Doing an excellent job to realize a high return on your investment will require time and effort. However, by the time the market shifts, buyers will be back on the market.

Specific Outlook for Buy and Hold Properties as a Multifamily Investment Strategy

Now would be a great time to buy and hold a property to rent. The post-COVID outlook for rentals is high because homeowners are not buying homes at the rate they were last year. This is true nationally and in the Kansas City real estate market. Homeowners have been scared off by high interest rates on new mortgages. Your high return on investment could come from occupancy fees. Much like our multifamily investment company, you could operate your own investment properties. Because you may not qualify as an accredited investor, you can make investments your way.

There are Many Multifamily Investment Opportunities Post-COVID

As you can see, investment properties offer great promise at this time in the Kansas City real estate market. You can invest as an accredited investor, or seek financing from our fund. Either way, a call with our Investor Success Team will help you discuss your interest in multifamily investment. You’ll also learn about the historic high returns on investment we’ve seen.

We personalize and customize your entire investor relations experience. We want to know your “why,” which are your reasons for investing. We also want to learn your financial goals so we can help you achieve them. Find out how our investment properties can benefit you as an investor. Get in touch with us here, or call us at 816-759-0901 to schedule an appointment.