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Why We Manage Our Own Multifamily Investment Properties

Worcester Investments is Committed to the Success of Kansas City Real Estate

When you are researching investment opportunities, and you are an accredited investor, you might come across multifamily investment opportunities.

This is what we represent at Worcester Investments. You will notice, when you’re researching, that we offer a significant advantage over other investment firms.

We acquire, invest in, operate, and manage our real estate investment properties ourselves.

There are no middlemen. Therefore, we don’t pay any middleman fees. This allows us to potentially offer a high return on investment because we know our properties well. We take ownership of their success, and what happens then is that you benefit from that success.

This is what we call the Worcester Advantage. It is also what makes our track record better than most other Kansas City real estate investment funds. We pledge to continue this practice of providing our investors with great service and great investments.

This way, all of our accredited investors, including you, will be able to meet the goals you have for your finances.

What are the Advantages of Managing Multifamily Investment Properties

There are many aspects of investing in multifamily real estate in the Kansas City area. We are involved in all of them. These include acquisition, management and operations of the properties, as well as development and construction to improve them.

We provide attractive, affordable places for families in such a great part of the country with many opportunities for residents. We have chosen Kansas City in particular because it is a growing market where people want to be. This allows for possible high returns for our accredited investors.

What Challenges Our Multifamily Investment Firm Have Strategically Avoided

When you consider the necessary tasks to invest in, rehab, and operate properties, there are many pitfalls other firms experience. You can imagine how many things can go wrong if people aren’t on the same page. All of the different companies involved would have their own competing interests. You know how this goes.

This is why Worcester Investments prefers to have control over the whole process. Now, all of the different moving parts are all on the same page. There’s clarity and purpose behind a strategy for investing in a property. This is called vertical integration, when a company is aligned from the ground up. This also means the company is involved in all parts of the business under the same corporate umbrella.

We know you will feel this as an investor, especially when we offer our historically high returns on investment. Where there could be miscommunication, there is none for us. Our team has a seamless workflow that allows us to get things done fast and efficiently.

Also, because there are no middlemen, we are able to tell our accredited investors something they like to hear. We boast a 0 percent fee for the management of our properties.

Not all multifamily investment companies can offer this. We also make sure that we are involved at the building level of our investment properties. This helps ensure that we are getting excellent tenants, so that our properties can thrive.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s explore two important, specific benefits that come with our strategy of keeping everything under the same corporate structure. We think this is important to know because it is the reason for our success. And for yours.

The Cost Advantage of Manage Our Own Investment Properties

The first important reason that our approach works is the cost advantage. This is strategic on our part. It is also a key philosophy of ours.

Ever since we began our journey in multifamily investment in the Kansas City real estate market, we have known that this is how we wanted to operate.

Developing expertise in one real estate market, Kansas City, has allowed us to learn everything we need to know about this particular area, and become experts in the market, so that we can make informed decisions that benefit you, the investor.

Because the knowledge we have comes from all parts of the process of investing in real estate, we know a great deal about everything from construction and development, to managing investment properties. Many investment companies don’t know these key points, and it shows in their performance.

Industry knowledge is what allows us to avoid making decisions that can hurt our investors. That is not a part of our plan. Our 13 years of experience allows us to make the right deals at the right price.

We also have such a concentrated focus on this particular area – Kansas City. We know how to benefit our accredited investors very well.

Deal-Making Works Better with Our Approach to Multifamily Investment

The second reason why our approach works is because we are able to make better deals than the average investment company. When a multifamily investment fund wants to get a new property in its portfolio, having everyone on the same page helps. This is why we’ve been able to succeed. This is why we’ve been able to offer strong opportunities to our investors.

Here’s why: when we are thinking about making an acquisition, we already have a team assembled to go through with the process. We already have people available from construction to management who are ready to take action.

This way, we can jump on opportunities, without having to search for a team. Other investment companies might realize they need to search, and this delays the process.

Our team is right here. We own the whole process, so there is no delay. We know where everyone’s strengths and talents lie, too, so we can use them when needed. This approach has allowed us to develop a portfolio that has offered historically high returns on investment for our accredited investors.

Schedule a Call with Us to Learn More about Our Multifamily Investment Strategy

When you schedule a discovery call with us, we learn about your goals as an investor. This is another important aspect of our advantage. We learn about you, so that we can offer the best opportunities to you.

Also, because we are so heavily involved in Kansas City real estate, we can let you know about potential deals coming through. You’ll notice we stay well-informed and manage the entire process ourselves. We like being able to share this with our investors.

We share our process with clarity and confidence because we know it works. We look forward to introducing you to our knowledgeable team, and teaching you how to capitalize on your investment with us. Because we are committed to this education, we think our investors get more value than any other firm.

Individuals matter to us. Your connection to us matters. We want you to feel good about your choices and the high returns on investment that we’ve historically provided. We have attracted a long list of accredited investors throughout the country. We know that we will continue to do so because of the choices we make for multifamily investment in Kansas City real estate.

To find out how our investment properties can benefit your financial future, get in touch with us here. Or, you can call us at 816-759-0901 to schedule an appointment with our Investor Success Team.