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Why Our Multifamily Investment Company is Different for Investors

Experience the Worcester Advantage as an Accredited Investor

Most financial investment companies have an investor relations team. But do most financial investment companies update their accredited investors on important deals and successes? Not always.

It is becoming more common for investors to realize that they’re not getting a transparent relationship with an investment partner. In many cases, we think these investors are being taken for granted. This is unfortunate because investors deserve the very best. After all, they are major stakeholders in this multifamily investment.

At Worcester Investments, we feel that this is an oversight and a big mistake. And we aren’t just saying this because it’s the right thing to say. We put our words into action, by offering you an outstanding connection to our team. When you schedule a call with us, we think you’ll notice that our onboarding and continued relationship with you is different. Our investors immediately understand that we are committed to all aspects of the investment process.

In all of our years of experience, we know that treating our investors right has in the past translated to potential high returns on investment for you. We want you to have an opportunity to invest in all the great deals we make in the Kansas City real estate market. We are proud to provide opportunities related to our investment properties, and it shows.

Why We’re Focused on Kansas City Multifamily Investments

Kansas City has seen a great deal of growth in recent years, and we have found the opportunities to be lucrative. We continue to watch this market, and find regular opportunities to expand our portfolio. We look forward to providing the excellent returns on investment we know our accredited investors expect.

If you are interested in the opportunities that Kansas City multifamily real estate has to offer, schedule a call with our Investor Success team. We can make the process easy and effective for you, so you can invest passively. We’re always aimed toward – and hopeful for – high returns on investment.

Owning Our Properties: An Important Aspect of Multifamily Investment

All aspects of our business exist under the same umbrella: the Worcester Investments corporate family. We take care of acquisitions, development and construction of properties, as well as the management of those properties. We manage the entire process, so you can be sure that an investment company you trust is at the helm.

We’ve not only hired the best in the business to potentially bring you high returns on investment. We also boast an outstanding team for our property operations, thereby ensuring organization and communication between all parties. These are two core principles that make any multifamily investment business a success.

Some firms choose another route, scrambling to assemble teams that try to force deals through, but this never works. Instead, we rely on our already established partnerships to grow our portfolio of investment properties in the Kansas City real estate market.

This big difference in how we approach things allows us to be involved in all aspects of our deals. This helps us find ways to potentially bring high returns on investment for our accredited investors. This is because we know the Kansas City real estate market well.

How This Multifamily Investment Approach Benefits You

Why should our approach matter to you? It matters in the most practical way possible: we own and operate our properties. We can offer a historically higher rate of returns because we’ve cut out the middleman, and the typical middleman fees. We avoid the mistakes that other firms make.

When you work with Worcester Investments, we bring you into the conversation about how our multifamily investments work. We do this at every level for you, so you feel like you understand where your money is going.

This will help you to make informed decisions about how to invest in multifamily real estate, and how you may be able to find the high returns on investment you are seeking.

Industry experience is worth something, and we have this in spades. We are very proud of the team we have assembled, and it is paying off. Much like an investment in promising real estate, we invest in our people. We believe in having a team that cares about our accredited investors as much as Kansas City real estate. We believe this makes a big difference in being successful in this market.

We Want to Learn Your “Why”

Every accredited investor has a reason – a “why” – for wanting to invest in a multifamily investment property.

When you schedule a call with us, you will meet our Investor Success Team. We are committed to making sure that you have all the information you need to get involved with multifamily investment. We believe that good education about our high returns on investment you’re looking for in investment properties is essential.

First, we will learn about your financial goals. While we can’t wait to share all of our great deals with you, we also make sure that we are listening to you carefully to find out “your why.” By this, we mean your reasons for wanting to invest.

An understanding of your needs always comes first. We want to tailor the investment experience for you in this growing $80 billion industry. That way you can get your share of equity in our Kansas City real estate portfolio. We believe you should be able to invest in multifamily real estate when you’re ready, and on your own terms.

Schedule a Discovery Call with Our Investor Success Team

Are you intrigued about our services? We offer our accredited investors an experience that is second-to-none. Find out more by scheduling a call with us, and we can set you up for a successful investment opportunity.

If you’re not sure yet, we’d still love to stay in touch. We will also keep you in mind for our other great deals down the road.

We appreciate the chance to tell you more about our advantage in multifamily investment. We also want to share our differentiators in the Kansas City real estate market. We look forward to also sharing about our private financing opportunities, too.

Get in touch with us here, or call us at (816) 759-0901 to schedule an appointment with our Investor Success Team.