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“Team” Makes the Difference Among Your Many Options for Passive Income: A Case Study

Compare Two Investor Experiences with Their Chosen Real Estate Investment Company

If you are considering passive investing in commercial real estate, you know you have many options. Sometimes these options can be overwhelming. After doing your research, you might not be able to differentiate between one investment from another. However, this means it’s likely that you haven’t yet delved into “The Seven Keys of Passive Investing.” This guide will help you notice the distinct differences between firms.

Worcester Investments, the leading team for passive real estate investing in Kansas City, developed these “keys.” We want accredited investors to see the differences between firms. We understand that investing means taking care of your family. We know it also means putting your hard-earned money to work. That’s why we recommend that investors look closely at each firm they vet.

One area to start looking closely at is “team.” There are many teams who offer investment opportunities in multifamily investment properties. However, some real estate investment company teams stand out from the others. Let’s look at the stories of two accredited investors. They both had passive income options, but only one of them ended up with a good experience. This is because the team behind the investment was strong.

If you’re considering passive real estate investing in Kansas City, look no further than Worcester Investments. Our team walks the walk. See if you can identify which of the two experiences below have more in common with our firm. Notice the differences between the two firms. Then, if you’re ready to begin an outstanding investment journey, contact our Investor Success team.

Vetting for “Team” When Researching Your Passive Income Options

Finding the right team is important when you’re considering passive real estate investing in commercial real estate. We’ve previously covered the concept of team. However, a summary of this concept is important to reiterate.

The concept of team – when applied to companies that invest in multifamily investment properties – means:

  • A cooperative approach – no one points the finger at anyone else, and the whole team takes responsibility.
  • There is a clear organizational structure to this company dedicated to passive real estate investing in Kansas City.
  • The investment company is vertically integrated. This means that the team is in control of every phase of the investing, management, and sale of a property.
  • You, the accredited investor, see value and experience in the team members you meet.

Among the many passive income options available to accredited investors, some are better than others. This is particularly true when it comes to the team behind the deals. Now, we’ll explore two experiences with real estate investment companies. One investor recognizes that the team is subpar, but the other investor? They find a winning team.

Accredited Investor #1: What Their Passive Income Option Revealed About Its Team

An accredited investor is looking into passive income options. They land on real estate investment companies. They decide that passive real estate investing in Kansas City in particular could be lucrative.

The investor schedules a meeting with the investor relations team. The team explains their approach to multifamily investment properties. They don’t manage their own properties, but they “trust that they’re running well.” During a second meeting, the investor meets with someone else other than the first person they met. They hear more information about passive investing in commercial real estate. They also hear a different story from the second team member.

The second team member explains that they are “working on vertical integration.” This strikes the accredited investor as odd, but they proceed anyway. It is only later that the investor discovers that this real estate investment company was not what they hoped.

On an investor call, there seems to be tension about how properties are being managed. One team member seems to be passive aggressively blaming another. The return on investment has fallen short, and that seems to have caused animosity. This is not a good situation for this accredited investor.

Accredited Investor #2: How They Chose the Right Option for Passive Income Investing

Our second investor is also exploring passive income options. They, too, land on real estate investment companies. Hearing about the great deal of opportunity, they choose a firm that deals with multifamily investment properties.

From the first conversation, it is clear that the Investor Success team is aligned. This is true no matter who the accredited investor speaks with. The team is also vertically integrated. Their approach to passive real estate investing in Kansas City is highly aligned. They manage their own properties, and they point to this integration as part of their success.

At one point, the accredited investor needs more information. The investor then emails the wrong team member by mistake. The team member, however, is happy to help. There is no indication that team members point fingers at each other. Even during a slower quarter for returns on investment, there is no animosity. There are explanations of what optimizations need to be made.

During the next quarter, returns on investment are higher, and everyone celebrates. This accredited investor has found success with passive investing in commercial real estate. They’ve chosen a real estate investment company with a strong team.

Partnering with Worcester Investments Is the Premier Option for Passive Income Investing

We know that you have many options for passive real estate investing in Kansas City. However, there is only one strategically integrated option. At Worcester Investments, our team is the premier team for passive investing in commercial real estate. This is because our team works together every step of the way.

From acquisitions, to property management, to new deals in the pipeline, we cover it all. We call this the Worcester advantage. Our teamwork allows us to run our investment business seamlessly. It also allows you, the accredited investor, to reach your financial goals.

Team is an essential part of the reason you choose a real estate investment company. We believe that after a call with our Investor Success team, you’ll notice our advantage. We look forward to partnering with you to share all of our success with multifamily investment properties. We’re your passive income option when other options don’t seem to have strong teams. We will be that strong team for you. If you’re ready to begin your investing journey with Worcester Investments, reach out to us here. Or you can give us a call at (816) 759-0901.