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The 3 Key Players You Need on Your Multifamily Investment Team

A Great Team Includes Strategic Investors, Operations, and Investor Relations Personnel

No matter the industry, a great team is required for real success. This couldn’t be more true in the Kansas City real estate market. Accredited investors know that this market can offer high returns on investment, so they are ready to get involved. However, they are also looking for a high-quality team to invest with.

Worcester Investors, a leading multifamily investment company, has such a team. However, we know you wish to do your research first. In this article, we will explain how to know whether you’re working with an exceptional team. We’ll also provide you questions to consider as you do your research, so you can vet any investment team successfully. Then, you’ll feel confident that the team and investment properties you’ve selected will perform well for you.

Who are the Most Important Players in Multifamily Investment?

There are three teams within any multifamily investment company who can make a difference for you as an accredited investor. This is especially important in Kansas City real estate where there is strong competition. If you’re looking for high returns on investment, consider vetting based on the quality of these team members:

  • Investment Strategists
  • Operations Team
  • Investor Relations Personnel

Why are These Three Important to You as an Investor in Multifamily Investment?

Let’s look at the role each of these team members play. We will then explain why their role is essential to you as someone looking to invest in Kansas City real estate.

Investment Strategists: The investment strategists are typically the founding partners who are responsible for making deals to buy investment properties. The team members who are in charge of brokering real estate deals are, of course, essential to the success of your investment. Those who are making great deals on multifamily properties, which can then be repositioned for rent or sale, will make the difference. These leaders need to have a proven track record, and – if they do – they are likely to make the kinds of decisions that benefit accredited investors.

Operations: An operations team manages the assets that the multifamily investment company is repositioning. In an ideal environment, a multifamily firm would operate its own investment properties. Therefore, an operations manager is key. There needs to be an expert in ensuring properties are redesigned and repositioned, and – when they are complete – managed appropriately. This way, high returns on investment can potentially be realized.

Investor Relations: An investor relations team does just that – develops relationships with investors. A team that is committed to work with investors is also very important for you. These team members will walk you through the process of understanding multifamily investment. They will also explain the market conditions for Kansas City real estate. Further, they can explain their company’s offerings, and discover whether these align with your own. This is your main point of contact with a firm, so this is where you will get much of your information.

What to Look For: Questions to Ask These Multifamily Investment Team Members

Now that you have an understanding of these key roles, let’s consider what to look for in these roles. When you have an opportunity to schedule a call with an Investor Success Team, you can ask some of these questions. An Investor Success Team representative is your first point of contact, as we mentioned above. Getting these questions answered through them will help you know whether to partner with a firm.

Questions to Ask of Multifamily Investment Strategists

  1. Why this particular real estate market?

    This question will help you understand why the investors are focused on this region. For example, you could ask “Why Kansas City real estate?” Their answer will give you a sense of their commitment to that location, as well as their strategy.

  2. What deals are in the pipeline?

    This question will help you determine whether a multifamily investment company has a promising future.

  3. What differentiates your strategy from others in the same market segment?

    The answer to this question will be revealing. It will help you get a sense of the advantages that this firm’s investment properties have over the competition. Hopefully, they will also bring up possible high returns on investment for accredited investors.

2 Questions to Ask of the Operations Team at a Multifamily Investment Company

Here are two questions you can ask the Operations team if you are considering them as a sponsor for multifamily investment.

  1. What is your operations strategy? How has it been successful in the past?

    Determining their strategy helps you understand whether this team has a dynamic
    approach to the success of the firm’s investment properties. If the operations team can
    explain how this strategy worked previously, this evidence will also be useful in making a

  2. Why is it important that an operations team manage its own properties?

    At Worcester Investments, we feel that investing in and managing properties has significant advantages. These advantages include cutting fees from outside entities, and having our ear to the ground for new opportunities. Additionally, this allows for the fast assembly of a team when new investment opportunities become available. There are many opportunities in the Kansas City real estate market. A firm should be able to jump on these right away without delay. A firm’s operations team should echo these ideas.

2 Questions to Ask of the Investor Success Team

Here are two questions you can ask an Investor Success team when you are considering them as a sponsor.

  1. How personalized is the investor experience at your firm?

    This is an essential question. As an accredited investor, you have goals for your finances. You want to be sure that they align with the firm you’ve chosen. You’ll be able to see if there is a connection based on their answer to this question.

  2. How much contact do you like to have with your investors?

    It is important that you have clarity whenever you need it. You want to be able to get in touch with the firm whenever you have questions. Additionally, you will want quarterly reports on your investment. A firm that is engaged with its investors and wants to see them succeed through high returns on investment will be in touch frequently.

Worcester Investments’, a Multifamily Investment Company, is Strong in These 3 Areas

When you work with Worcester Investments you will notice that these questions will align with your goals. Our answers will also make you feel excited about investing with this company. You’ll begin to understand why we’ve historically offered high returns on investment.

If you’re looking to invest in Kansas City real estate, our investment properties could be an excellent choice for you. Find why our accredited investors have chosen to work with Worcester Investments. Schedule a call with our Investor Success Team, or call us at 816-759-0901 to schedule an appointment.