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Worcester’s Investment Options: Our Fund and Private Financing

Learn about Worcester Investments’ Big Opportunities for Kansas City Real Estate Investors

Worcester Investments has two different investment options that we’d like to clarify in detail. We can help you understand how to invest successfully, as this leads to the potential high returns on investment we’ve historically provided.

One is private financing, and the other is our investment fund. Both of these allow you to invest in properties that offer outstanding potential returns.

If you are an accredited investor, or even a first time investor, we have offerings for you. If you are intrigued by possible high returns on investment, you might be interested in the differences between these two services.

Together, let’s go through the differences between our investment fund and our private financing options. This will help you get a better sense of their key characteristics and their many upsides. It will also help you make a decision about which of these services would be the best for your financial goals.

We look forward to supporting and educating you as you make your investment decisions, and providing this information will hopefully be helpful to you.

What is Private Financing?

This option is for investors looking to get into the many great opportunities for investment properties in Kansas City real estate. If so, you might be an excellent candidate for our private financing option. This is different from our fund because you don’t need to be an accredited investor.

This option allows you to take a loan from us. New or even experienced borrowers like you can make an investment in a property. This is different from investing in our real estate investments in Kansas City real estate properties. Instead, this option is a loan that we can lend to you, so that you can manage a property yourself. We hope you will be able to realize the high return on investment you want.

When you work with us for financing of the real estate property, you don’t need to be an accredited investor. There is also no minimum loan amount. We’ve opened up the playing field for you, so that you can have a chance to invest in real estate. We think that everyone deserves our excellent services, not just accredited investors, so we provide this second option.

If you’re looking to purchase, repair, and resell an investment property, we’ll be there for you. If you’re looking to rehab and rent a property, we have you covered. If you’re an investor in need of a loan called a bridge loan, we can assist with this as well. Worcester Investments can even decide on your loan in 24 hours. We do this to make sure you have the best chance at your real estate undertaking.

An Alternative to Private Financing: Our Multifamily Investment Fund

If you’ve already determined that you do qualify as an accredited investor, we have an opportunity for you. You can invest in Kansas City real estate through our portfolio of multifamily properties. There is a high demand for these properties, and we have been able to acquire a strong selection of them. Then, we transform them into beautiful, sought-after multifamily buildings.

Worcester Investment proudly operates and manages all of our investment properties. This way, we can ensure high-quality investments. We can also, therefore, ensure a better potential rate of high returns on investment.

Keep in mind also that part of our business model is that we do not require a management fee from our investors, which some investment companies do. We don’t have to worry about middlemen, so we don’t have to pay anyone extra fees.

We are the sole decision makers on our properties, and we know you will appreciate the direct link to our fund through us. Everything is done under our corporate umbrella, so we have all of your answers when you need them.

Defining an Accredited Investor: An Alternative to Investing with Private Financing

Before moving on to our investment fund and private financing options, let’s clarify the term accredited investor. That way, you can figure out which investments you are eligible for as an investor in Kansas City real estate.

Because we work with many investments, we like to provide multiple options, so let’s take a look at this one designation called “accredited investor.” Knowing that you are this kind of investor allows you to invest in one of the two kinds of funds we have.

An accredited investor is a person, a couple, or even a business, that is eligible to invest in a real estate fund. You can join our investors in our funding of real estate properties for possible high returns on investment.

Keep in mind, these requirements are not ours. These are requirements made by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as the SEC. The characteristics determined by the SEC include a certain net worth or your income. We are happy to help you determine if you qualify during a discovery call with us.

You can find out on a discovery call with us whether you qualify as an accredited investor for our multifamily investment properties. Then, we can lead you to understand more about our fund, and present you with options that we think you will be very interested in.

If you’re interested in learning more about your investor status, schedule a call with our Investor Success Team to learn more. We also can outline our current portfolio of properties, and keep you in mind for future acquisitions.

Learn More About Our Excellent Fund and Private Financing Options

We know that you have many options available to you. There are many ways to invest your money these days. However, we think that we can offer a superior advantage to many other investment companies out there.

We offer historically high returns on investment in comparison with other companies, and we like to keep you aware of new opportunities. This way, you can learn about the kinds of acquisitions we are making. This will allow you to continue making discoveries and new investments in multifamily real estate in Kansas City.

We hope to inspire you with our opportunities and our track-record. Our goal is to offer great options to you, no matter what your investment goals may be.

Start the process with our Investor Success Team today by getting in touch with us here. Or, you can call us at 816-759-0901 to schedule an appointment with our Investor Success Team.