Equity Partnership allows the investor’s capital to buy an ownership stake in an apartment investment.

Equity Investment

Equity investing in real estate is defined as an investor providing capital to acquire ownership interest in real estate.

As a partial owner, the equity investor shares in the passive monthly cash-flow of owning investment real estate without the day-to-day management obligations.

Worcester Equity Partnerships

Benefits of Equity Investing

Equity investment allows the investor to participate in the benefits of owning apartments. Real estate equity income is shielded by depreciation, which is a phantom expense that provides a shelter to the exposure of tax implications found in other forms of income. Additional benefits include monthly cash-flow, principal pay-down, appreciation, and other tax benefits.

  • - Monthly cash flow and equity from principal pay-down
  • - Depreciation (Tax benefits)
  • - Appreciation
  • - Professional management
  • - Diversification

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