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Our Story

Brothers Paul, Joel, and Jesse Worcester founded Worcester Investments with their father, Doug Worcester, in 2006.

KC Apartment Acquisition


Worcester Investments is a family owned and operated real estate investment company located in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 2006 by the Worcester brothers and their father, the family business began acquiring rental property in Oregon, where they lived at the time. In 2007, Worcester Investments expanded into the greater Kansas City area through a real estate connection, and has continued to see steady growth each year.

Worcester Investments has collaborated with 75+ partners who have invested $50+ Million of private equity. In partnership with their investors, Worcester Investments owns and operates $250 Million in real estate assets, including 3,200+ apartment units in the greater Kansas City area. Worcester Investments employs a team of 144+, and was recently named Kansas City’s sixth fastest growing company by the Kansas City Business Journal and the 1,397th fastest growing private company in the U.S. in the 2015 INC. 5,000 publication.

Business Model

Worcester Investments’ business model is to acquire apartment communities in quality Kansas City submarkets that are underperforming. Worcester is a vertically integrated multi family investment company with business units in development, construction, and property management. Worcester has partnered with 75+ investors who have in aggregate invested $45+ million and received aggregate returns of over 30%.

Worcester Investments Subsidiaries

Worcester Investments subsidiaries are owned and managed on a corporate level by Worcester Investments. Each of the business units works closely together to maintain the success of our day to day operations.

  • Property Management Team
  • Acquisitions Team
  • Private Lending Team
  • Worcester Fund Team
  • Construction & Development Team


Worcester Communities currently employs 135+ people, owning and operating over 3,200 apartment units with over $200 million in real estate assets in the greater Kansas City area.


MM in real estate assets






+ MM equity raised


Purpose & Core Values


The Worcester Team chooses to love our neighbors by investing in assets, developing gritty leaders, and growing communities.

True Grit

Do the right thing, whatever it takes

Empowered Responsibility

Own our experience with a will-do attitude

Add Value

Create solutions, make someone's life better

Mastery & Focus

Be the best in the world at something

We Scale Up

Dare greatly, take the long view together

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