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Joel Worcester

Joel Worcester

Joel Worcester

Co-founder & CFO

Joel Worcester, Co-founder & CFO, is responsible for the company’s corporate financial reporting and communication, helps raise capital for new projects, facilitates financing, and provides open communication with Worcester Investments’ current investors. He also consults in the analysis of prospective purchases and the oversight of operations and accounting.

"Intrinsic value is crucial to us. We enter all relationships with a long term approach, whether it is with a partner, a Worcester Investments team member, a property, a resident, or anyone else we might collaborate with."- Joel Worcester

Professional Education


Corban University

Joel graduated from Corban University in 2006 with BA degrees in English and History.

Key Notes

Working Experience

Upon graduating, Joel immediately joined with his brothers and their father, Doug, to found Worcester Investments and invest in real estate full-time. He also obtained his real estate license just after graduating. Joel used his real estate license and the training involved to further his real estate education, facilitate Worcester Investments transactions, and to provide a source of income to the newly-founded Worcester Investments as they learned the industry.



Joel resides with his wife, Whitney, and two young boys, Jason and Bradley, in the Northland in Kansas City, MO. Family, immediate and extended, is a significant part of his life and motivator in his business aspirations. Joel’s interests beyond real estate investing include spending time with friends and family, church, reading, the occasional poker game, watching University of Oregon sports, and other athletic activities.

Proud Moment

One of Joel’s proud achievements was winning the 2001 Oregon state basketball championship with his brothers Paul and Jesse while at Churchill High School. To Joel, it validated the thousands of hours of unified effort between coaches and teammates committed to a single goal. Joel believes that experience will always play a role in how he operates personally and professionally.


"Paul and Joel were easy to work with and honest throughout the purchase process. We were able to close the transaction successfully. I look forward to working with them in the future." - Aaron Mesmer, Block LLC

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Contact Us

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1220 Washington Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105

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