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Jesse Worcester

Jesse Worcester

Jesse Worcester

Director of Fundraising, Co-Founder

Jesse Worcester, Director of Fundraising, Co-Founder, is responsible for raising capital for new projects, building new investor relationships, and working with Joel in communication with Worcester Investments’ existing investors. He also consults in the analysis of new purchases and the oversight of operations.

"I can't imagine a more enjoyable or fulfilling profession. It is such a joy each day to work with my brothers, our wonderful team, and our exceptional group of investors in doing deals and investing in great people and quality assets"- Jesse Worcester

Key Notes

Working Experience

In 2006, Jesse joined his brothers Paul and Joel in founding Worcester Investments and investing in real estate full-time.



Jesse and his wife Laura stay busy keeping up with their five children (Jackson, Samuel, Maximus, Louisa, and Benjamin) and all their various sports and activities. Jesse also enjoys almost anything that involves competition and especially loves dominating his older brothers in chess, golf, pickleball, basketball, and more. He is just hoping they don't read this.

Proud Moment

Some of Jesse's proudest achievements include winning the Midwestern League MVP his senior year of high-school and playing with his brother Joel on their college basketball team together.

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Contact Us

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1220 Washington Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105

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