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Ashley Lackey

Ashley Lackey

Ashley Lackey

President and Principle

Ashley Lackey, President and Principle, oversees the property management company and investor communication. Ashley has more than a decade of property management experience in multifamily and commercial, primarily multi-family. Ashley has extensive experience in tax credit, student, new development, and acquisitions.

"Every leasing season is a war. I'm blessed to fight that war with enlisted men and not drafted."- Ashley Lackey

Professional Education


Park University

Bachelors in Communication Theory and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing


Working Experience

Ashley brings to Worcester 13 years of experience in property management including multi-family, tax credit, student housing, commercial and retail.



Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. Ashley is a huge movie buff and enjoys creative writing.

Proud Moment

In 2012 Ashley was awarded by Student Housing Business Magazine one of the Top 30 under 30 in the nation.

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Contact Us

Address :

1220 Washington Street, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105

Director of Asset Management : Ashley Lackey


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