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There are many big changes taking place in the real estate industry, and projections for the new year hold a wide array of challenges and opportunities. New regulations and trends taking the stage in the coming months could impact the real estate market for years to come. Take a look at some of the game-changers coming into play next month.

Dodd-Frank Act Regulates Home Buying

Several new regulations on mortgage financing will take effect on January 10. Perhaps the most significant impact of the new regulations include the ability-to-repay rule, which gives consumers the right to sue lenders for miscalculation of their financial health for a loan. As a result of this, loan requirements will become even more stringent. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has acknowledged that these new rules may increase the costs and risks of obtaining a mortgage, but are necessary measures to prevent a future crash. Between 2006-2008 the delinquent mortgage rate rose by 50% and the foreclosure rate by 175%. The CFPB published this summary of the way these changes will affect consumers.

Young Renters are Moving by the Masses

The Urban Land Institute published their Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report in November, which stated that the majority of real estate trends are based around the Millenial Generation (born between 1975-1995). 63% of Millenials expect to move within the next five years, and 38% of those individuals expect to move into a multifamily rental property. The ULI report also stated that Millenials are moving toward midwest and pacific northwest smaller metropolitan markets, as opposed to large metropolitan areas like New York City and San Francisco. 79% of Millenials currently, or plan to within the next five years, live in a \’medium-to-big-sized\’ city. General attention has turned towards cities like Portland, Seattle, San Jose, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Minneapolis. Young renters dominate the resident pool and may drastically change the way investors play the market.

Interest Rates Modestly Rising; House Affordability Declining

Mortgage origination is projected to be down approximately 32% in 2014 due to rising interest rates. Four weeks ago, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 4.39; this week\’s rate is 4.58. Jay Brinkmann, Chief Economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association, projects rates to rise above 5% in the coming year. In 2013, one in every five homes sold was purchased by an investor. With higher prices, increasing inventory and less foreclosures, the surplus of \’cash-carrying, hobby investors\’ in the real estate marketplace will gradually decrease. This projection is backed by the struggle investors may have with valuation and cap rates as interest rates rise, slimming the competition. Also due to a combination of rising interest rates and home prices, which are rising faster than income and rents, home affordability is expected to continue on a 5-year low. These factors indicate that residents will continue opting to rent than buy, as the home-buying frenzy we saw in 2013 dissolves. 47% of adults state their biggest obstacles in purchasing a home are mortgage qualifications and/or rising mortgage rates.

SEC Lifts Ban Against Public Advertising

The Securities and Exchange Commission lifted the ban on general solicitation on September 23. Through amendments to Title II and III of the JOBS Act, small businesses will be able to publicly advertise investment offerings, contingent on abiding several SEC guidelines. Some of these compliance requirements include verifying the accreditation of prospective investors, satisfied by reviewing tax returns and other IRS reports and/or receiving written verification from an SEC-registered investment adviser, licensed attorney, registered broker-dealer, or certified public accountant that reasonable steps have been taken to verify accreditation. Businesses must submit a Form D 15 days before engaging in general solicitation, and again within 30 days of completing to indicate the details and ending of the offering. Form Ds will require more information, including the issuer’s website, use of capital raised in the offering, methods used to verify investor accreditation, details of general solicitation used, and more extensive information on the issuer. Materials used for general solicitation must include disclosures pertaining to risks of the investment and accredited investor requirements. This means that companies seeking investors will be able to utilize more mainstream methods of advertising to raise capital and fund businesses. For more information, read the Final Rule here.

Rising Demand for Multifamily Rentals in Secondary Metropolitan Markets

As a result of many factors, including the CFPB\’s new debt-to-income ratio of 43%, several secondary markets like Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, and San Jose, are predicting multifamily vacancy rates to continue falling considerably. Vacancy rates have been cut in half since 2010, coming in at 4.3% in January of 2013. Cities with increasing job growth are seeing higher demand for apartment rentals, which is responsible for prompting new multifamily development in several large markets across the country, allowing apartment rental rates to continue to rise at an average of 3% annually. Demand has increased so rapidly that some experts have speculated that there may not be enough supply to keep up.

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